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Train for Life – Erin Schrier

Being active has always been a big part of my life with playing competitive basketball all the way through college.  When my collegiate career was over, I bounced from gym to gym, looking for that challenge and effectiveness I desired. I had heard of Fusion and reached out in April of 2013 to ask about their boot camp. I decided to give it a shot, and started Women’s Boot Camp in May. I had no real goal except that “I just wanted to work out.” Little did I know, my entire life would be turned upside down and my goals would change significantly.

I had gotten married the February before I started at Fusion, but abuse was happening to me in my marriage from as early as my wedding night. I was silently struggling in a nightmare. In October, I got up the courage to get out of my marriage, but not without paying a price emotionally and physically. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I was skipping boot camp because it was all I could do to peel myself up out of bed to get to work. After a couple of months of that, I knew something needed to change. I needed to release my stress and sadness.  I called Erica in December, sat in her office and cried. Right there I made the change to personal training. I needed that personal accountability so that I would get up and make it to my workouts because I knew it would help me.

Working on my physical self during my emotional mending years helped the entire process. It wasn’t easy, but I knew it needed to be done. I was challenged and pushed to tough limits. I even cried during some of the workouts because of what I was going through and the feeling of release that sweating it out brings. It was hard, but I kept going, and I got stronger in all areas of my life and made positive, healthy changes. I changed jobs, moved across town to a new area and house, set up nutrition counseling and My Healthy Goals with Erica, and continued to step out of my comfort zone with new experiences.

It’s been three and half years, and I haven’t looked back. My life and my goals have continued to change for the best. I’m pushing to be the best “me” possible. I’m healthier mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually than I ever have been. When you are truly strong, inside and out, you can go after whatever sparks your interest! I know my trainers make sure I am safe and help me perform well. I’ve done power lifting competitions, Spartan races, numerous 5ks and half marathons, and choreographed dancing at Fusion and loving it! Say What?! This ball player?! I’ve experienced things I would have never dreamt of! All because I got up and said enough! To make it through, I need to be strong and active.

My life has continually changed for the better. My heart mended as my body grew stronger. I’m now married to the most loving and best man around, my Rob.

I continue to train 4 days a week with Mike, Erica, and Fusion.  You can still find me dancing it out and loving it! Life is hard, but not being healthy and not taking care of yourself makes life even harder. I’m a better wife, daughter, friend, sister, employee, and person because I train!

You don’t have to have a story like mine to make a change. Everyone has their own story and background as to why they want to train for life. What I do know, is that no matter what your goals are or what you having going on, Fusion endorphins and accountability will help you every step of the way. Mike and Erica have been there for me consistently, along with the numerous encouraging women who I’m proud to be alongside and grind it out with whenever I am there. To all of you, I am grateful for the help you give me on this continuing journey.


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