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At Fusion, we offer a variety of classes, workshops, and seminars to help our clients meet their fitness goals! Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain stamina or strength, get toned, or eat healthier, we have you covered. Here’s how some Fusioners have found success with us…
Read More Reviews Here[cs_mg_testimonials_element type=”testimonials-slider” layout=”mg-style3″ columns=”mg-one-col” autoplay=”true” autoplay_time=”10″ nav_button=”true” slider_dots=”false”][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading=”Courtney” designation=”Fusion Fit Mom” amount=”0″ icon=”adjust” link_link_title=”solid”]I found out I was pregnant with my first baby. I wanted to keep working out so I joined the prenatal classes at Fusion Fitness. I went twice and week and felt better than I did before I got pregnant. Erica taught us how to workout safely and correctly. She taught us how to take care of our core muscles during and after pregnancy. She also answered general pregnancy questions to all of us new/ nervous mommas. It was a wonderful experience being with women who were in the same place in life as I was; we were all mommas wanting the best for ourselves and our babies.[/cs_mg_testimonials_element_item][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading=”Jenilee Mann” designation=”Boot Camp, Fusion & Yoga” amount=”0″ icon=”adjust” link_link_title=”solid”]Fusion Fitness makes working out so much fun! This is the best workout you will ever get!! Erica, Mike, & the Team Fusion Staff are very knowledgable, genuine, and passionate in helping others reach & obtain their goals. They offer so many wonderful classes, I personally do boot camp, fusion fitness, & yoga and LOVE them all and can’t wait to try more classes.[/cs_mg_testimonials_element_item][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading=”Jennifer Isenhower” designation=”Fusion, Barre, Core, & Yoga” amount=”0″ icon=”adjust” link_link_title=”solid”]Fusion Fitness made me love working out again!! Fusion, Fusion Barre, Core, and Yoga are all challenging and FUN! Each class leaves me feeling stronger, super sweaty, and mentally refreshed. My son is also a huge fan. He always looks forward to kids Fusion and OCR. The entire Fusion staff is encouraging, genuine, and they provide a sense of community that you just can’t find at a gym. Fusion’s seminars, education, and My Healthy Goals program are helping me reach my fitness and nutrition goals. If you’re looking for the perfect place to begin your journey, look no further. A happier, healthier you awaits at Fusion Fitness Memphis!![/cs_mg_testimonials_element_item][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading=”Meleia Melton Knight” designation=”Women's Boot Camp” amount=”0″ icon=”adjust” link_link_title=”solid”]Eleven months of Fusion Bootcamp and Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are still my favorite days of the week! Mike and Erica are amazing! I think God put them in my life at the right time. 4 months ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and being in the best shape of my life has made my treatment positive! They have prayed with me and for me as well as all of my fellow boot campers! I truly love this place and looking forward to getting back to my strong self! Thank you to everyone at Fusion![/cs_mg_testimonials_element_item][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading=”Annette Lawrence” designation=”Fusion Fitness” amount=”0″ icon=”adjust” link_link_title=”solid”]The ladies at fusion are the best! I would like to say they changed my life but they didn’t…They saved my life! Thank you for pushing me and encouraging me to get my sweat on!![/cs_mg_testimonials_element_item][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading=”Rachel Jacobs Richards” designation=”Fusion & MHG” amount=”0″ icon=”adjust” link_link_title=”solid”]The most amazing place to get your healthy on! You can shake it like a salt shaker, sweat like you’ve never sweat before, get sore in places you didn’t know you had muscles, learn to eat healthy “it’s not a diet” (in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) and have fun the entire time!!! I absolutely love everything about Fusion Fitness Memphis!!!![/cs_mg_testimonials_element_item][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading=”Jaycie Lynn Hart” designation=”Post-Natal, PT, Women's BC, HIIT, Core, Fusion, & MHG” amount=”0″ icon=”adjust” link_link_title=”solid”]Love, love, love fusion! My fusion fitness journey began in February 2015. I began with post-natal personal training and bootcamp and then added hiit kick, core, and fusion. Not only are the classes fun, but they challenge me in new ways and are different from any of the classes I’ve done before. The accountability, encouragement, and positive environment at Fusion are things I appreciated from the very beginning.
I recently joined “My Healthy Goals” to help me with proper nutrition which is key!
As I continue working towards a stronger core and overall physical strength and endurance, I am happy to say I feel healthier, stronger, and more energized than ever![/cs_mg_testimonials_element_item][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading=”Erica Vandiver” designation=”PT, Nutrition Seminar, MHG, Fusion, & Core” amount=”0″ icon=”adjust” link_link_title=”solid”]I have utilized several of the fusion fitness’ classes and programs over the last 2 years. When introduced to fusion, I went head first with personal training, nutrition seminar, my healthy goals, fusion and core classes. Within a few short months, I had exceeded my goals. After becoming pregnant with my third child, I transitioned into Erica’s prenatal class. I learned many new things about nutrition and fitness that I wish I knew during my other two pregnancies. Four months after giving birth, I am back into fusion & core classes, personal training and soon boot camp. No matter what stage of life you are in, Fusion fitness has something for you![/cs_mg_testimonials_element_item][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading=”Christy Scrip” designation=”Fusion” amount=”0″ icon=”adjust” link_link_title=”solid”]Awesome place, awesome people. Starting Fusion was honestly the best decision I could have made for myself & my health!!!!! I never once felt judged but encouraged & inspired each time I walk through the door.[/cs_mg_testimonials_element_item][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading=”James Moore” designation=”Men's Camp” amount=”0″ icon=”adjust” link_link_title=”solid”]I started training with Mike Hill about 6 weeks ago and walked in with the attitude of hating the gym, not knowing where to start or even if my goals were attainable. I’ll say that within the first month of personal training, my whole attitude turned around and my view on working out and dreading the gym changed completely. One of the great benefits of the personal training for me is that I have a leader to show me the way and to really think for me when it comes to mapping out each session. Mike Hill works with you and not only helps you work towards and achieving your initial goals, but adapts to the new ones you make for yourself as you progress. The training is so dynamic as well as interesting. I feel like I am always doing a circuit or routine that I’ve never done before and it takes the tediousness out of your workout. The results have been incredible physically and mentally. I am happy that I am able to continue to work on my personal physical fitness goals at Fusion Fitness. Thanks Fusion Fitness and Mike Hill.[/cs_mg_testimonials_element_item][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading=”Tonya Humphrey Billings” designation=”Fusion” amount=”0″ icon=”adjust” link_link_title=”solid”]I went to my first Fusion class this past Monday and it was a blast. It was the most fun Ive had in a long time. Everyone is super nice and they really motivate each other. It wore me out but I cant wait to go back!!! October 14,2016 -Update…it has been 18 months since i began Fusion. I cannot express how great things are going. I am a healthier, happier person. I am now officially a bootcamp addict and loving the ” My Healthy Goals” group. There is something for everyone here.[/cs_mg_testimonials_element_item][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading=”Katherine H. Peak” designation=”Designation” amount=”0″ icon=”adjust” link_link_title=”solid”]Fusion fitness is the real deal people! Fusion is the coolest class ever and their boot camp brings results, and they can even help you with your nutrition with my healthy goals. The best part is the trainers know you and really want to help you, it’s just a win win.[/cs_mg_testimonials_element_item][/cs_mg_testimonials_element]

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