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I have had gym memberships, but always got bored and stopped going. I thought a more directed approach to health and fitness may work better for me, so I began looking into trainers. Every search I did or post I read included Erica Hill. Regardless of my clubbing days being long over, I decided to give the Fusion dance class a try. The lights were bright and I had no drinks to make me think I was a great dancer. In fact, I looked more like a fish out of water – literally. I loved every minute of it. Erica makes sure when you walk in that door that you feel comfortable being there. It’s not about being a dancer, it’s about learning the moves and doing them big even if you are going in the wrong direction.

I have had gym memberships, but always got bored and stopped going.

When I started Fusion, I was mostly looking for stress release and it had an immediate effect on me and my attitude. I went to the dance classes as much as I could and kept hearing about the other classes. I began to want more than just a stress release. I wanted to become stronger. This motivated me into trying Fusion Bootcamp. 6:30 a.m. classes twice a week allowed me just enough time for my workout, getting kids ready for school and myself ready and to work. Bootcamp was a new level of health and fitness for me. I hate running, but I ran. Weighted walking lunges suck. I may have grabbed the smallest weight I could find, but I did that too. Being at Fusion Fitness with Mike, Erica, and their team became part of my weekly routine. I could handle exercising when someone tells me what I need to do. At Fusion, they make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly so you are getting the maximum benefit and not getting hurt.

I began to want more than just a stress release… I wanted to become stronger.

At some point, I let life happen. I decided to go to graduate school, then I started a new job. It became difficult for me get to bootcamp and then get to work looking presentable, so I tried 5:15 a.m. bootcamp classes. At the time, that was way to early for me to function but I kept trying. Every few months I also kept having attacks that would have me doubled over in pain. Never seeking immediate medical attention, I would just try to breathe through the pain, or move around thinking I could make it go away. Then one Easter weekend, I was so excited to have a long weekend. I was going to get things done. Not halfway through Good Friday, I was doubled over again and the pain was not going away. Thankfully, my husband talked me into getting medical attention. I wound up in the emergency room being told that I was not getting to go home. On Easter day, I was again myself but without a gallbladder. This put me out of commission for a while, and I let that snowball into just being too busy to get back to it.

Aging has a way of adding pounds to some and they were definitely finding their way to me. I became uncomfortable sitting in my chair at work and in my own clothes. I had also found out that medication that I was taking was helping me gain, and not lose, weight no matter what I did. I had to do something to feel like myself again. I knew that I wanted to get back to Fusion. I needed this for myself. I started back to Fusion dance and boot camp at the beginning of January and it has been life-changing for me. I was welcomed back and it was like I was never gone. You can always go back.

I started back to Fusion dance and bootcamp at the beginning of January and it has been life-changing for me.

I came back very determined in my mindset. Mike, Erica and everyone at Fusion cares about what they are doing. That is why people keep going. They want you to be successful in achieving your personal goals. Gradually the pounds came off and I began to feel more comfortable in my own skin again, but that was only one of my goals. I was getting toned and seeing the changes in my body, but still wanted more. I was interested in Fusion Strength, but did not want to spend the money on myself. After a while, I thought “I can try it. Maybe I won’t like it.” Adding Fusion Strength, along with the other classes, has made a huge difference and has taken my health and fitness to a new level.

The Fusion team knows what they are doing and are happy to do it.

They plan.

They train.

They direct.

It is easy to show up and do the minimum. Everyone’s minimum or working hard is different. I never want to get out of bed early in the morning, but I always want to go to bootcamp. Sometimes I feel weak, or tired, or completely lacking any coordination. My mind tells me I need to go anyway. I am now putting in the work that goes along with the knowledge and the work that the Fusion team puts into creating the workouts so I can see the results. Seeing the results help me to keep going. The workouts are never easy. They’re not supposed to be. Mike and Erica encourage you to work harder each time and the classes they offer build upon each other for a complete workout program. I have never been as fit or felt as strong as I do right now.

I have never been as fit or felt as strong as I do right now.

Fusion Strength Class will be adding another time slot in January!!

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