Personal Training

Empowering, Motivating, and Challenging. Get real, lasting results!

Do you feel that a one-on-one, personalized fitness plan is best for you? Fusion Fitness trainers provide their clients with all the tools possible for a comprehensive and successful fitness plan that is TRULY customized for clients’ specific needs and goals. Our programs are designed to empower, motivate and challenge you while producing real, lasting RESULTS.

 Our private fitness studio is an intimate setting for personal training like no other. There are no interruptions. Zero distractions. Zero judgments. Every minute is filled with trainer-client interaction.

People choose personal training for a variety of reasons. You might be a beginner needing a head-to-toe change, an exercise veteran needing to overcome some of those inevitable plateaus, or a seasoned athlete needing specific conditioning. No matter your circumstance, our highly qualified and experienced team is here to help you.
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Personal Training Details

*2-4 sessions per week recommended; sessions are 45min *

4 sessions

8 sessions

16 sessions

24 sessions


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36 Sessions


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“We are 100% dedicated to our clients.
Our top priority is putting you on the personalized path that is best for YOU.”
–Mike Hill

We Offer
Prenatal PT

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We Offer Postnatal PT

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We Offer
Group PT

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