It’s 2017 – Let’s GO!!

We have set our nutrition and fitness goals, made them S.M.A.R.T., now…we must act. Do not let your plan become just great words that collect dust. Even S.M.A.R.T. goals require discipline, determination, and self-accountability, no matter how much external accountability you have.

Set yourself up for success by looking ahead. You need to be moving on this continually in order to remain on track 3, 6, and 9 months into the year. Your progress will not be perfect, it won’t be smooth and straight, but stay self-aware and headed in the right direction.

Goals are met by your days, not your years. Focus on one day at a time and give yourself positive reinforcement.

This CAN be the year you have true and sustainable progress toward a healthier and happier lifestyle. Happy and healthy go hand in hand, so set yourself up to be happier in the personal areas of your life and the “healthier” part will inevitably improve too! A positive attitude is EVERYTHING.

Keep a journal of your nutrition, exercise, AND progress! Note how great you’re feeling and troubleshoot days that were not as great so you can figure out why. Maybe you didn’t drink enough water that day? Maybe you had no fruit or healthy carbs that day and your blood sugar was low?

“For every month I  meet my class attendance goal, I get…” Maybe a new workout outfit or 18 holes of golf! 

“For every week I do not go out to eat…” Maybe you put more $$ in a vacation account or savings for a new toy!

Whatever motivates you to stay headed in the right direction.

Goals are nothing without plans, and plans are nothing without ACTION. Many, many people who have completely changed their lives for the better started in a January of some chosen year. THIS can be your year! We are with you!

Thumbs up and High Fives,


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