Corporate Wellness

My Healthy Company with Fusion Fitness

Happy, healthy people are essential to a happy, healthy company. As an accomplished business owner or manager, you have probably heard this and may have even done some research on the statistics. At Fusion Fitness, we believe that overall health is the most important part of any journey in the wellness world.

My Healthy Company with Fusion Fitness is designed to help your team set and reach their overall health and weight management goals, teaching them practical, everyday ways to incorporate healthy, clean eating into any lifestyle. Whatever their personal goals are (losing weight, maintaining current weight and/or building lean muscle, finding time to exercise, learning what to eat and when), this program incorporates it all. There are many customization options ranging from culture-building events, field days, holiday programs, etc. The name of the game is TEAM EMPOWERMENT!

Program Details

Initial Workplace

Survey put together by Fusion staff and management


Employee weigh-ins taken by Fusion staff and management

Weekly Onsite
Fitness Class

Suitable for all fitness levels

Initial Body

Initial body measurements and monthly subsequent measuring


Includes tips and recipes


Monthly mini nutrition/fitness seminars (a new topic each month)

We know that individuals have different wants and needs regarding fitness. My Healthy Company will work with you to create a truly custom program that is catered to YOUR company.

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