New Year, New You???

YOU were created fearfully and wonderfully! Let’s set out smart goals to living healthily and happily and making improvements, but not a “new you”–you will always be you. I would like to encourage you all to continually find YOUR strong, inside and out. Not someone else’s strong. We all have a different sense and definition of strong.

When a client reaches out to us about a goal, the first thing we ask them is why it is their goal. We want to make sure it is truly THEIR goal – for example, not something they’re doing for someone else or because they think they have to. Once we know it is their goal, we make sure they understand all it will take to accomplish their goal. Then, we put action steps in place and help them get to work.

A great example of this process is our clients’, Erin and Krista’s weight lifting competition. From the outside looking in, it sounds fun and intriguing to many, but this is not the type goal you can just “dab in.” Seeming fun and intriguing to you isn’t quite enough. You have to be committed inside and out and make sure it is in YOU to go after your goal full force–the training, nutrition, and dedication needed to accomplish such an endeavor. If you go after it half way, with half effort, you will get half results, be only half satisfied and be right back where you were. So find out the answer to the “why” questions from the start and you will be setting yourself up for success the way that Erin and Krista did a few months ago!


Ask yourself this: Are you choosing goals relevant to your unique self? There is no one in the world EXACTLY like you. So as special as you are, make your goals specialized to your life and likes. Your motivation towards reaching goals is largely dependent on this being YOUR GOAL. “I want ______” is not enough. The goal itself should excite and motivate us, not discourage us repeatedly. We have to be fully engaged in a goal to put forth the efforts. Reaching goals is not easy. But if a goal is constantly a life stresser, year after year, then that means the right paths to this goal have not been chosen.

Though we know we should value ourselves and not completely go for “new me” but “better me,” for our future and our kids’ futures, many do need to create a lifestyle change. We hear the words, “it takes a true lifestyle change,” all the time, but what is our response? Do we toss it or try to fully engage with the meaning and truly change our lifestyles?

As we approach 2017, we are all thinking of that big New Year’s Resolution decision. What will it be this year? I would like to encourage you to take time to reflect on 2016 first. Start with all of the great things about the year! I am sure there are plenty. But in human nature, sometimes we want to focus only on what we did not accomplish. But remember, something that did not have the outcome we wanted is a lesson if we learn from it. But if we don’t learn from it and just move on, then it is a failure. So, when we reflect on the parts of 2016 that we would like to still improve on, what lessons did we learn?

To create a true, big lifestyle change aka a “resolution” we need to break it down into small RELEVANT goals that we can turn into daily, weekly, monthly habits. THAT turns into a different year than the past.

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