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Fusion Fitness Group Training is a customizable program designed to meet the needs of small groups, teams, or organizations. Sessions will begin with a consultation with a Fusion Fitness Performance Coach and will focus specifically on the needs discussed and grow with the athletes. Training sessions will vary, but are designed to focus on improving: strength, reaction time, core strength, speed, agility, proper exercise form, fundamentals, explosion, and balance. Speed and strength have a major impact on how you perform in games. Teams, players and coaches are doing everything they can to gain the edge on an opponent. Fusion Performance Coaches understand this and want you to have the proper tools to be a successful athlete.

In addition to physical training, Fusion Fitness offers Nutritional Training Sessions to teach athletes and parents how to properly fuel their bodies for sports and life. Too often we see amazing athletes not performing to their utmost ability due to poor nutrition!
Let us put you on the right nutritional path!

Please contact Mike Hill for a consultation for a custom package of training and rates for your athletes:
901-489-0438 |

Group Training Purchasing Information

8 45-minute Sessions (2-3 Participants)


per participant

8 45-minute Sessions (4-9 Participants)


per participant

8 45-minute Sessions (10-15 Participants)


per participant

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