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Train for Life – McKenzie Evans

I used to weigh 270 pounds. I was a size 22. I have struggled with my weight ever since I was a teenager. I have always fluctuated with my size. I began my weight loss journey originally starting Weight Watchers. After about 4 months of working on my eating habits, I was invited to try out Fusion. I began taking the Fusion classes in April of 2013. I immediately started to notice I was losing inches. After about 3 months of that, I began 6 weeks of personal training with Mike and Erica to help prepare myself for when I wanted to do Women’s Boot Camp. Shortly after beginning personal training, my father was diagnosed with cancer. It made me want to focus on my health even more, so I signed up and attended the Nutritional Seminar. I wanted to learn about clean eating for my own health, but also so I could help my dad along his journey with cancer.

I continued my Fusion and Core classes along with doing Boot Camp. By the time I was getting married in October of 2014, I had gotten down to 160 pounds and was a size 10! I have learned along my journey that if I do this for my health, not for looks or for someone else’s expectations, I exceed much further with my goals and have better long term results. I have continued Boot Camp, and especially since my mother’s stroke in October of 2016, I have pushed myself with strength training more than ever. I am physically in the best shape and feel the strongest I’ve felt in my entire life. I keep in mind what I have gone through and the health of my parents to keep me going so I can have the healthiest future I possibly can. I have continuous results with toning my body and building my strength with just 2 days of Boot Camp a week! I just recently signed up for My Healthy Goals to help me with recipes so I can make good, nutritious meals for my family and myself.

Never once when I was bigger did I ever feel judged at Fusion Fitness or that I wasn’t good enough. Mike and Erica are great at encouraging and were there through my ups and downs.


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