My Healthy Goals FAQ

Ever have a ‘burning’ question about your My Healthy Goals plan? This week we’re answering all of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to the program so that you can easily use MHG as your guide to healthy eating. Browse through our list below to find yours!

Do I need to eat all of my snacks and meals?

No. Stop eating when you are full. The beauty of having meals and snacks means you can stop when you’re full without feeling deprived for hours because you’ll soon have another snack or meal to keep your metabolism going.

If I’m not working out, can I still get results from My Healthy Goals? Do I need to adjust the portions?

Yes–you will still see results. I have many clients only on MHG with no substantial workout regimen yet and have had many positive results. As I said before…let your own hunger/fullness control your portion size.

Is it okay to use different herbs/spices than the ones listed if we’re not a fan of the ones in the recipe?

Absolutely! You may not like lemon pepper, or maybe you think cilantro tastes like soap! We encourage you to tailor the flavor to your preferences, as long as the flavor you choose has no added ingredients. The recipes in My Healthy Goals use many different seasonings with many different flavor profiles–we’re sure you’ll find a lot to love!

If I dislike canned tuna, is it okay to use canned chicken instead?

Yes and No… it is absolutely okay to substitute any lean protein for another lean protein. In this particular instance, however, while canned tuna is generally okay, canned chicken is often full of unwanted added ingredients. Any substitution you make, be sure you are using only the lean protein without any added junk. A good rule of thumb would be to cook an extra chicken breast if tuna is on the menu.

What if I can’t eat shellfish/fish or nuts?

For nuts, sub out a healthy fat option, such as avocado, and for shellfish, sub out a lean protein source.

Read more FAQ & learn about My Healthy Goals…

Read more FAQ & learn about My Healthy Goals…

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