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Life Is Tough…Train for It!

what-areyoutraining-forI am excited to share with you all a series of testimonials through the Fusion Perspective. To kick things off, I want to share some of our own journey. When out and about and meeting new people, my husband Mike and I are often asked, “What are you training for?” Well…sorry for the lackluster response… just life! Prioritizing our health and fitness is part of who we are. And I know it’s the same for many of you! Yes, sometimes we have a sport-specific goal, but often we are just continuing to train hard to “train for life”–to continually feel ready for anything life throws our way–everything from homework with the kids (we all know how grueling that can be) to a long weekend of triathlon racing. When we feel our best, we are able to give the best of us to those around us. Our days as friends, mothers, wives, husbands, fathers, employees, leaders, brothers, and sisters require a lot of stamina! I truly we believe we have to take the time to for-blog“train for life.” Your daily operations require a healthy and happy you. But, like everything else in life, we have to put in the training to get that healthy and happy.

Everyone’s day is different! My day may consist of teaching my toddler to write his name, teaching a client to prepare vegetables in a tasty way, dancing for an hour, working with a new mom on her abdominal muscles, meeting with women business owners, picking up the kids from a sports practice, and so on for a few more hours til my head hits the pillow to say my prayers and being thankful for rocking another day. Your day is just as full of unique, exciting, and sometimes challenging experiences. When we are “trained,” healthy, and have stamina, we can enjoy life experiences and opportunities all the more.